TekSol FundPlus is a financial system designed in consultation with portfolio management industry executives.


TekSol FundPlus is a financial system designed in consultation with portfolio management industry executives and experts with enviable track record to solve the challenges faced by institutions in their operations. FundPlus is designed and can be customized to meet the differing and ever changing requirements of:

  • Independent Asset Managers & Family Offices
  • Private & State Banks
  • Institutional Investors & Fund Administrators

FundPlus enables clear, competitive differentiation by addressing the customer-facing needs of financial services enterprises. The FundPlus solution is a highly flexible, best-in-class suite of Client Relationship Management (CRM) applications that are easily adapted to model the business practices that make each company unique.

The FundPlus software suite includes a powerful application platform and additional capabilities in analytics, mobile CRM, financial management and marketing automation. FundPlus is designed to promote efficiency and profitability of investment firms. FundPlus makes it easier to produce accurate regulatory reports and financial statement.

TekSol FundPlus' portfolio management module is a very powerful and feature rich system for managing the investment portfolios of high net worth and institutional clients. The portfolio management module has functionality for the management of money market and capital market transactions. The system has the capability of setting up and managing individual portfolios for each client, which are completely separated from each other. The system keeps track of latest up to the minute.

TekSol FundPlus' Fixed Income module is for the management of fixed deposits received from clients and the management of placements made with such funds. All aspect of managing clients’ investment and placements from booking the investments to approval and redemption as well as interest accruals are handled by the system. The system has sub modules for the processing of up-front interest.

The pension funds management module is a complete solution for the management of pension entrusted to fund managers by trustees. The module has functionalities for the management of investment in fixed income securities such as treasury bills, government and corporate bonds, commercial papers and fixed deposits. It also supports the management of multiple assets types such as equities, mutual funds, etc. The platform enables fund managers to operate within regulatory frameworks and industry standards. It facilitates reports generations for fund managers and trustees as well as reports for custodian reconciliation.

TekSol FundPlus' Welfare (PF) module is a comprehensive system for the management and administration of third party welfare funds. It enables fund administrators to manage employer and employee contributions, benefits processing, and fund valuation. Report generation for fund administrator.

FundPlus financials (General Ledger) is a robust and stable financial accounting system.All other modules in FundPlus are seamlessly integrated in to financial (GL) module. This module is design to process ledger transactions, accounts payables, account receivables and all other back office transactions. As a result of tight integration of financials into the entire FundPlus platform, every financial transaction that occur in each.

Modules updates the GL in real time thereby reducing errors in the general ledger and the final accounts. FundPlus Financials generates daily, monthly, annual as well as periodic financial statements according to the International Financial Reporting Standards The CRM module is used to classify clients' accounts under various groups to enable efficient management of all clients' accounts according to Securities and Exchange Commission's requirements (KYC)