TekSol FundPlus is a financial system designed in consultation with portfolio
management industry executives.


Management Module

This module is used to classify accounts under various groups to enable efficient management of all customers’ accounts. Creation of new customer account and account editing as well as account signatories (mandate module) are managed suing this module. Other functionalities such as blocking an account, closing and re-activation of accounts are done using this module.


  • Creation of new customer account according to Bank Of Ghana KYC requirement
  • Creation of different accounts for existing customers
  • Account signatories (mandate) module
  • Editing of customer information
  • Creation and management of group accounts
  • Assignment of group members
  • Approval of newly created customers and account
  • Customer relationship officers (ROs) module
  • Assignment and approval of customers to ROs
  • Customer account Enquiries
  • Management of dormant accounts
  • Blocking of accounts
  • Account closure module
Reactivation of closed or blocked accounts

General Ledger Module

TEB3 financials is a robust and stable financial accounting system. All other modules in TEB3 are seamlessly integrated in to TEB3 financial (GL) module. This module is design to process ledger transactions, accounts payables, account receivables and all other back office transactions. As a result of tight integration of TEB3 Financials into the entire TEB3 platform, every financial transaction that occur in each modules updates the GL in real time thereby reducing errors in the general ledger and the final accounts.

TEB3 Financials generates daily, monthly, annual as well as periodic financial statements according to the International Financial reporting Standards. Regulatory reports such as Bank of Ghana prudential reports are also generated automatically.


  • Global fund transfer
  • Branch funds transfer
  • Cash/bank transfer
  • Funds transfer approval/authorization
  • Voucher request
  • Voucher approval
  • Voucher disbursement
  • Journal entry module
  • Journal approval module
  • Creation of internal accounts
  • GL chart of accounts classification
  • Generation of consolidated as well as branch income statement
  • Generation of consolidated as well as branch balance sheet
  • Generation of Bank of Ghana prudential reports

Investment Module

The investment module manages clients’ investment portfolio. The investment module is capable of processing customer’s initial investment and accrues interest on daily basis. Payment of accrued interest is possible anytime during the investment period. Liquidation of both matured and pre-matured investment as well as termination of running investment portfolio are handled using this module. Generation of customers’ statement of account and other management reports are all included in the investment module.


  • Initial investment booking
  • Approval of booked investment
  • Daily interest accruals
  • Interest payment on running investments
  • Management of interest payables and interest expenses
  • Premature liquidation
  • Termination of investments
  • Processing of matured investments
  • Investment rollovers
  • Investment statements and certificates generation
  • Complete TEB3 financial integration
  • Investment portfolio reports such as projection of future investments awaiting maturity, periodic investments portfolio, etc.

TEB3 Core Banking

Deposits and Withdrawals Management

This module is for processing of customers deposit and withdrawals and for other banking hall operations. There are sub modules under this module to manage mobile banking and commissions as well as automated system for fund transfer from mobile savings accounts to loan and other savings and current accounts. Features:

  • Current Accounts And Savings Accounts Management
  • Cash deposit processing
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Cheque deposit
  • Cheque withdrawal
  • Batch deposit processing
  • Cash loan repayment
  • Cheque loan repayment
  • Online withdrawal authorizations (approvals)
  • Mandate verification (signature, pictures and biometric verification)
  • E-cash transaction
  • Interest computation for interest earning accounts
  • Commission on turnover processing
  • Back office transfers
  • Real time mobile money deposit
  • Lien module
  • Transaction reversals
  • Deposit transaction enquiries
  • Withdrawal transaction enquiries
  • Customer statement of account generation
  • Core banking reports such as current balances on all accounts, largest exposures for deposits, withdrawal reports, periodic deposits reports, etc.

Loan (Credit) Module

This module is used to manage entire loan portfolio. Management of loan portfolio from application to approval, risk assessment and disbursement are done using this module. There are three sub modules to manage the repayments: cash loan repayment, cheque loan repayment and offset from clients current or savings account; are these all available in the loan module. Features:

  • Loan application
  • Assessment and credit approval memo
  • Loan Approval (options for multiple approvals)
  • Loan disbursement
  • Loan repayment : cash loan repayment
  • Loan repayment : cheque loan repayment
  • Loan repayment : account offset
  • Cancellation of disbursed loan
  • Loan disapproval module
  • Loan scheduling and rescheduling
  • Loan interest waiver
  • Penal interest computation and processing
  • Credit officer assignment per loan portfolio
  • Loan repayment reversal
  • TEB3 financials integration
  • Automated processing of interest receivables
  • Processing fee (administrative charges)
  • Loan insurance management
  • Loan write-off application and approval
  • Reversal of written-off loans
  • Aging analysis
  • Loan collateral and guarantee module
  • Standard and tailored credit reports, etc